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Friday, October 18, 2013

Purge and partial additions

The blog list is shorter;  anyone without a post in the last 6 months is now purged.

It will grow again, with approx 30 sites to add.

I have looked at
Oh well, soon (ish)

My todo list :

http://illyvelo.tumblr.com/ ??
-- check first

-- watch list

http://hero-tackle.blogspot.ca/ watch list
http://keithneilson.co.uk/10/blog-banter-50-ch-ch-changes watch

add to links


Monday, July 8, 2013

First purge and comments on the blog roll saga's.

eve-bloggers.com has a new owner, but is broken with the loss of google reader.  I am interested in watching that space.

Alexia has started another combined independent blogroll, combined with a multiple author site, with some controversy.  http://eveblogs.net/blog/2013/07/change-of-focus/ lets Alexia quote the situation on his own terms.  I wish him luck in his endeavours, and his hosting of new bloggers might work.  My main blog - foo-eve.blogspot.com, will remain on it's own island.  It's content is already available for republishing under a creative commons, by attribution, share alike license.

I have tweaked my rules for inclusion on this blogroll, and purged any blogs without posts in the last 6 months.

I am watching the alternative blogrolls with interest.  We should get something usable out of the various offerings.  I am willing to work with those with (or wishing to start) alternative sites.

I have seen controversy on gaming blogs before, and even been inadvertently involved in them.  If you wish to read how I have handled previous controversy, 'please disagree' is an example (even if it was for that other game).  (I can also be a royal PITA when the mood takes me.)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Eve Blog packs

Eve blogs have value. I enjoy reading yours.  Some of you enjoy reading mine (http://foo-eve.blogspot.com)

TMC and Eve News 24 are good sites to read, but there are more good posts out there than you can find on the larger sites.  A new blog is far easier to start than getting picked up by the big names.

Maintaining a basic blogpack is easy.  Most of us have sidebars of blogs we read.  For some of us, this is only a subset of the actual blogs we read (guilty as charged).

Maintaining a complete list, is somewhat harder.  It's never right and takes more time than it should.

As I have said before, I noticed that the eve blogpack was not maintained, and created my own.
It is crude (I don't do pretty), but it is the largest pack I know.

The reason for me mentioning it, is this post talking about http://www.evebloggers.com/ and the http://blogpack.evebloggers.com/.  There are several sites referring to it.  Some commentary has been written in the 'heat of the moment'.  The realities are that the owners of evebloggers seem to have run out of enthusiasm some months ago;

There are other posts out there.  I considered linking them but I would both miss someone (causing offence), and potentially add fuel to fire

I have been slower than I would have liked adding some recommendations, but these have now been added, and I will go 'trawling' other sites for links again soon.

As I have as the header on this site: 
  • Is your Eve blog missing? Is an Eve blog that you read missing? Leave a comment.
  • Think you can do better? Leave a comment either volunteering to assist with the lists, take over my blogroll, or leave a link to your alternative offering.
If you want to write a better site, a better list, you have my support.  If you need help with the collection of links, feel free to pillage mine, and I am willing to work with assembling a larger list.

I do have one request.  If you think that this list is worth exposing to new players, put a permanent link to foo-blogroll.blogspot.com on your own blog.  That kind of cross linking works to grow the community.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Partial update of blog list

For both of you that are currently reading this blog list, I have updated the links with at least those items on my main Eve blog, and currently in my 'blogger' reading list.

I have still to sync it with my feedly (replacement for google reader) list; to see if anything is missing there.

Then, one day I will hunt down other websites and find any other blogs out there.

If you want to mention your eve related blog here, please leave a comment.  Even first post newbie blogs.  The criteria for a comment to be left up is:
  • Have Eve related posts.
  • Don't get me fired if I read it at work.
  • Don't get me booted from Eve by CCP.  This includes (but is not restricted to) obvious links to real money transfer sites (If you have first life cash and want ISK - buy a plex from CCP, and sell it on the market).
If you want your blog added to this list, it must meet the following additional criteria.
  • Have a significant portion of your content be Eve related (a mix of other stuff is fine eg; the Mittani)
  • Been active at least 3 months.  This means at least one post in each of those months.