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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Too long between drinks

This site is always intended to have only a few updates, with the content coming from other providers.

As an alternative to this service (and I support other efforts in this space), have a look at the new http://evebloggers.com/ run by CSM 9 candiate Steve Ronuken. Anyone that submits a site here may also wish to submit their site to Steve's site.

Another CSM 9 candidate : Sugar Kyle also runs https://sites.google.com/site/newedensource/ Give her your site too.

But in the meantime, please visit newly added sites Art Hornbie

There is a site http://motoko-rei.com/ that has been suggested but it was down when I updated this page.

Another suggested site http://thedailyscopeintl.blogspot.com/, I have rejected this on two grounds:
  • You have 2 posts, I would love to see more.
  • I spend most of my time browsing sites with noscript, and your template relies on it.  I understand the desire to have java script, but I normally chose noscript over new sites.


  1. I understand the limited posts being an issue 100%...but Eveoganda has script and is very similar to mine and is on this list...?

  2. My criteria (as previously posted on http://foo-blogroll.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/partial-update-of-blog-list.html are)
    If you want to mention your eve related blog here, please leave a comment.  Even first post newbie blogs. The criteria for a comment to be left up is:

    * Have Eve related posts.
    * Don't get me fired if I read it at work.
    * Don't get me booted from Eve by CCP. This includes (but is not restricted to) obvious links to real money transfer sites (If you have first life cash and want ISK - buy a plex from CCP, and sell it on the market).

    If you want your blog added to this list, it must meet the following additional criteria.

    * Have a significant portion of your content be Eve related (a mix of other stuff is fine eg; the Mittani)
    * Been active at least 3 months. This means at least one post in each of those months.

    My personal preference is for you to maximise your reading audience. To do this, substance over style, and don't block readers just because they have an incompatible browser. You may use javascript if your heart is set on it. You however *will* miss out on readers because of it. You might get more readers from what you determine to be a 'prettier view', but it is for the blogger to decide.

    Anslo, keep blogging, keep posting and remind me in a couple of months. I have a preference against javascript being a requirement, its not a show stopper.

    1. Eh fair deuce. Thank you for taking the time to explain :)

  3. Hi Foo, I submitted my site a while back, but it may have been too early. PilgrimInExile.wordpress.com

    It is mostly focused on exploration. I started in October 2013 and around 115 posts since then.

    Tas Exile

  4. Another ad-hoc update.
    2 blogs added : podborn.com and evevillain.com
    Most blogs idle for more than 4 months purged (it does help you stay longer if I have shared a wormhole with you before)

  5. http://namamai.wordpress.com/feed/ added

  6. Hi Foo, I'm going to leave my blog here for you: http://evealtoholic.blogspot.ca. I'm not at three months yet but I'll leave it here so I don't forget, heh.

  7. Jeff and Elec0, your blogs have been added.

    I have also removed blogs without posts in the last 5 months

  8. I'd be honored if you added my blog to your roll: www.nevillesmit.com

  9. Both added. Sorry Teeveeasy , I missed your comment, but fixed now

  10. I would appreciate it if you could add my blog to your roll: http://theraorbust.blogspot.com


  11. I would appreciate it if you could add my blog to your roll: http://theraorbust.blogspot.com


  12. I would also like to be added to the list! http://www.playing2win.co.uk/ Only recently re-started blogging but there are still the old articles on there too.

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