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Monday, May 6, 2013

Partial update of blog list

For both of you that are currently reading this blog list, I have updated the links with at least those items on my main Eve blog, and currently in my 'blogger' reading list.

I have still to sync it with my feedly (replacement for google reader) list; to see if anything is missing there.

Then, one day I will hunt down other websites and find any other blogs out there.

If you want to mention your eve related blog here, please leave a comment.  Even first post newbie blogs.  The criteria for a comment to be left up is:
  • Have Eve related posts.
  • Don't get me fired if I read it at work.
  • Don't get me booted from Eve by CCP.  This includes (but is not restricted to) obvious links to real money transfer sites (If you have first life cash and want ISK - buy a plex from CCP, and sell it on the market).
If you want your blog added to this list, it must meet the following additional criteria.
  • Have a significant portion of your content be Eve related (a mix of other stuff is fine eg; the Mittani)
  • Been active at least 3 months.  This means at least one post in each of those months.


  1. I'm (Ali Aras) posting at http://warp-to-sun.tumblr.com . I started it for the CSM 8 election, so it's still a bit of a newbie blog, but there are posts.

    Posting frequency so far is about 1-2 posts/week, 50/50 CSM and other stuff I find interesting or good to know. It might increase over time, but I'm holding myself to at least 1 post per week so I actually write some stuff up.

  2. Hi Foo,
    I read your Blog because of www.EveBlogger.com but as you have so rightly said the site is no longer updated so new blogs like mine find it difficult to get an audience. I appreciate you list and hope i will get more traffic through my site.

  3. My most humble and sincere apologies, i am already on the roll. You are really good. Thank you...

    See you on the other side....

  4. I would like to have mine added to the list please, http://rockmelter.blogspot.com/ and thank you :-0

  5. may my new blog be added please: http://marketsforisk.blogspot.co.uk/ a blog on my observations on making ISK in the Eve markets from the beginning of a character.

    and thank you :)

  6. Croda, tothebreach: you were already added. It's ok.
    Rock Melter, Ali Aras, Lieihaper : Added. Sorry it took so long. I thought I was watching these comments better, but oh well, at least its done now.